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MOLOKO - The Art of Crepe and Coffee

Awesome ambiance, friendly, relaxed and attentive baristas, and really, really good coffee... Beccie F. - Yelp

Artist of the Month

Ivette Cardoso


My work is a never-ending link chain,
born from the same soul,
but expressed in different venues.
This is what keeps me going.

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Location and hours of operation

Monday. Noon - 11pm
Tues-Thurs. 10am - 11pm
Fri-Sun. 10am - 2am
3201 N. Miami Avenue
Suite 104, Miami, FL 33127

Phone (305) 572-9336

Customer Testimonials

This is the best food I have had in over a year – Adriane G. (Yelp)

The first time I came here and bit into my crepe the following words actually came out of my mouth….: ” this is the best food I have had in over a year”. It was true! Everything tasted so fresh. The vibe of the place is very laid back and the owner is just as chill.  The desserts are just as delicious as the food….. So sit back, relax and stay a while…….. You can’t rush perfection

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